The Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dalí, 1931 copyright © Salvador Dalí, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation

Street art in Warsaw, Poland, showing a spraypainted stencil of a face mask and the text “COVID-19”; Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Can we talk about that for a second?

Open hand with a wedding ring and another hand holding a black heart shape. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Divine Timing

In February of 2020, I got married. Married! It was a surreptitious City Hall wedding. Hardly anyone knew, and I wanted it that way. But I was thrilled. This, honestly, was my dream wedding. From everything that I could see…

And why we need to acknowledge that it matters.

Image by Morning Brew on Unsplash.

Not every bestie is forever.

Recently, a friend whom I considered to be one of my closest, most solid friends, “broke up” with me. I’m using quotation marks, but that literally is what it was, and exactly how it feels.

A protest march on the North Side of Chicago

Image of neurons from Medical News Today

Taylor Maurand

Private exhibitionist.

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